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Why don't you do what they do?

My son is smart kid. He appeared to be not paying attention to the television at all last night while I was watching Doomsday Preppers. Most of the time, I see a lot of eye rolling and room leaving from my kids when that show comes on. While I pick up a lot of good information on that show, I don't always agree with what everyone does. He doesn't know that though. He was playing with his Legos with his back to the television. He seemed to be building a super airplane out of three different kits when he looked up at me and asked: "Why don't you do what they do? Why don't you prep like that?" A very good question, son of mine. So much for thinking you weren't listening. Kids are more observant than we give them credit for being. I decided to flip the question back on him. I asked him: "How do you think I should prep? What do you think I should be doing? Should I be doing what they are doing?" He shrugged and answered that he didn't

Make Your Own Face and Eye Cream

One of those areas I haven't given up my vanity on is my face. I don't wear a lot of cosmetics, just concealer and mascara. After I get out of the shower, I put on clear lip balm to keep them from chapping. Then I put on eye and face cream. I ran out one morning and decided to go to the store to buy some more on my lunch break. What I saw just about made me lose my lunch! Eye cream was $12.00 for a little tube and face cream was $14.00 for a small bottle. Are you kidding me?!?! I don't care how long they last! That is a lot of money! Then I started reading the ingredients. I couldn't pronounce over half of the ingredients and this was suppose to be their healthy, all-natural line of face products. That is just ridiculous! I still broke out with acne which has plagued me since I was pregnant with my first child. Nineteen years ago. Ack! I like looking younger, but I have no need to look like a teenager! Time to start doing some research on how to make my own. I

What I Do To Be Organized

I am not a naturally organized person. I don't carry around a planner because I forget to write things down in them or forget them altogether. I am a visual person and need to have my organization in front of my face or somewhere my eyes will see. I use these tools to see where every one will be, where I need to be, what needs to be remembered, and for papers that cannot be lost. My calendar and two of my lists Large Desktop Calendar Hung Up on Office Door - Everything gets written there so everyone can see it - Everyone writes down their schedule - no exceptions! - I use Command strips to keep it up Google Calendar on my phone - Reminders set up for bills, blog, and appointments To Do Lists - I live off of these things! - Always one in my pocket or nearby - I use them at work and at home - I also leave a to do list for my kids so they know what needs to be done by them every day Shopping Lists - I write down what we are out of as well as the sales I am inte

Chaos Scenario: Power Grid Failure Part 4

Please click on Part 1 , Part 2 , or Part 3 if you have already read the previous installments. You arrive the safe house with your neighbor and your kids. He has you drive inside the garage area to keep the vehicles hidden. Your kids are so tired. You open some cans of food you brought with and feed them quickly. The neighbor shows you around a bit and helps you get the kids bedded down in the bunk beds in one of the rooms. You check your cell phone and realize you have no signal. Your neighbor checks his phone and has the same problem. He tells you he isn't surprised. Most cell phone towers have a generator with a propane tank as a back up system. If the propane tank has run dry because of the overburden on the tower, it could be several days before they get more fuel and start running again. Your neighbor suggests that the emergency services may have also shut down cell traffic to everyone but emergency services.You get a little panicked at this point because you have lo

Monthly Frugal and Homesteading Update

This month has been a bit busy and my mind has been going in a different direction. July has been a no spend month. I was very unintentional about it, but the budget demanded it. The budget is going to demand it for August also so no spending unless necessary. The great thing about having a no spend month in the summer is that my garden and everyone else's garden has been exploding with goodness! My garden was being a bit late, but now is producing nicely. I wish the tomatoes were a little more prolific, but I am happy to just have tomatoes turn red this year! My onions are actually growing too! It's the little things that get me going... The chickens are all alive and well. I decided to start free ranging them all day. They are usually in their coop by 8:30 pm all on their own. I let them out at 7:00 am to start roaming the yard. I am still feeding them some starter mash with cracked corn added to it, but they are eating less of that and more of the nature provided fo