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30 Days of Preparedness: Stocking the Non-Food Items


People often forget that while they need to have plenty of food stored, they also need the other essentials in life. What would be those you ask? Items such as batteries, toliet paper, feminine supplies, soap, deodorant, and other essentials make life so much easier and better smelling for all of us! Plus there is a lot of items we do not use every day, but we would certainly need in case of emergency!

How do you plan to address these things? Do you plan on making them yourself or having them on hand? Either way, you need to have the items on hand!

What do you need to have on hand when stocking non-food items? I have a list of things I definitely want to have on hand, but that list could look different for everyone. Here is some questions I ask myself and you may want to ask yourself to start or beef up your non-food stockpiles.

1. What are you prepping for? For example: power grid failures, EMPs, natural disasters, financial collapse, job loss, rising food costs, etc. What items will you need to deal with those situations?

2. What does your family use on a daily basis that they could not live without? I do not mean electronics. I mean personal care items, clothing, etc. Keep track of what they use and start making a list. Have the members of your family makes lists of things they use also to make a better list.

3. What items will you need to have on hand if you have no power as opposed to having power? I have flashlights, batteries, solar chargers, and crank flashlights/radios in case I have no power, but those things would not be a necessity if we had power. I want to be ready for either contingency.

4. What do you need to keep on hand in case you can not go anywhere, need to service your vehicle,  or medical services are not available?

5. What do you need to have on hand to protect your family and yourself?

6. If you garden, have pets, or keep livestock, what do you need to have on hand?

7. If you have a baby, small children, or elderly people to consider, what do you need to have on hand?

After asking yourself those questions, start making a list. I am including a link to a list I keep with me in case I have some extra money or see a great deal to add to my stockpiles.

 Non Food Shopping List

I also look for multipurpose items. I do not like to keep things that only have one purpose, but I know that does need to happen. I also look for items that do not require electricity or can be solar powered.

Also remember, two is one and one is none. I may be able to have too much of an item, but I don't want to take the chance of running out. Neither should you.

A list I did not include is personal security and protection. That list will look different for everyone and greatly depends on what you want to do and what you already have on. I believe in multiple layers of security, but I have friends that believe in just knives and guns. To each their own.

What items do you like to include on your list? What else would you consider?

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