Want to Save Money? Turn Down The Thermostat!

We all like to be warm in the winter. Some people like a cooler house and some people like a warmer house. I like a warmer house, but my budget does not like a warmer house. So I try to keep the thermostat set to 66-68 degrees. 

Two weeks ago, however, I caved. It was so cold! My house was freezing so I turned it up to 70 degrees. Being that high took the edge off of the chilly. This week's temperatures are much milder so...

down goes the thermostat! Back to 68 degrees which are normal for my household. Overnight, I will turn it down to 63 degrees. 

If you want to save money, turn down the thermostat by at least two degrees for the week. See if you like it and can handle it. Then try for two weeks or the rest of the winter!

There are also health benefits to turning down the thermostat. Most people sleep better in cooler temperatures. You have a tendency to move around more in cooler temperatures which leads to more fat-burning and calorie burning. 

By turning down the thermostat, you will save money on your utility or gas bill which will add more money to your budget! 

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