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18 Ways To Save (And Make!) Money Homesteading

Homesteading is not cheap. It can be done frugally, but at some point, you have to open up your wallet. You need equipment, feed, fencing, coops, hutches, and so on. However, you can minimize your costs or prevent future costs by being proactive. You can also make a little money homesteading if you wish. I want to help you save money and maybe make money homesteading. My goal in life is to save money and help others do the same. We can always try to save money! Below is eighteen suggestions that can help you to save and possibly make money homesteading! 1. Shop around. Your local feed store may be great for convenience, but sometimes you can find feed and supplies cheaper at the co-op or another store. For five miles, feed and supplies might be cheaper in the next town. Shop around and save some pennies. 2. Scout out the junk piles at family and friends' homes. They might have some things to get rid of that will suit you perfectly. That is how I ended up with materials f

Save Your Back and Arms By Sharpening Your Garden Tools!

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your garden is to sharpen the tools that you use in the garden. Planting becomes easier with a sharp trowel. Weeding becomes easier with a sharp hoe. Harvesting becomes easier with a sharp knife. Life is easier with sharp tools. And I may not just mean garden tools on that one.  However, today we are talking about garden tools. You can sharpen your tools in many ways. I have an electric knife sharpener  I was given as a gift that has been a lifesaver. You can use a file to sharpen your tools. You can use or borrow a bench grinder to sharpen your tools like I did for a number of years. I just brought my tools to work and sharpened them after work.  By sharpening your garden tools, you save yourself time and energy. Planting, weeding, and harvesting becomes so much easier for you and your body. Imagine yourself just slicing right into the dirt instead of hacking at it repeatedly. By saving yourself time and energy, you can

10 Frugal Ideas To Get Outside and Have Fun!

The weather is beautiful this week in Iowa! I feel like Spring is actually here and I want to play outside!  Homesteading, no matter where you are and how you do it, is a lot of work. Homesteading is a lot of work, especially in the Spring! However, Spring is a time to lighten up and soak in the sunlight we have been missing all Winter (or at least I have!).  This week's challenge? Get outside and have some fun! Get yourself outside, drag your family and/or friends outside with you, and do something fun! 1. Go for a walk, a hike, or ride bikes. 2. Shoot some hoops or pretend to play basketball. 3. Play a game of kickball or softball. 4. Blow bubbles. 5. Draw on the sidewalks with chalk. 6. Practice target shooting with guns or bows and arrows. 7. Have an outdoor scavenger hunt. 8. Have an outdoor picnic/grill out/block party. 9. Have a bonfire or regular fire with all the sticks that fell this last Winter. 10. Play a game of tag or hide and seek.  Getting fresh

Nine Ways Food Is Money (And Better Than Money!)

From reading many preparedness articles and listening to what other people have to say, I am continually amazed by how many people do not make food storage a priority. Whether you have food storage, the ability to grow and preserve food, hunt or forage for food, or any kind of resupply plan, you have something better than money. In fact, I have seen an upswing in articles talking about holding on to your money in case of emergencies. Sometimes that is good advice, especially when talking about home and car repairs, medical emergencies, and whatnot. Of course, you should always have an emergency fund. However, when talking about a disaster, crisis, or other situations, money may not do a person a whole lot of good. Why? Here are nine reasons why: 1. Money does not keep you alive. Food does. 2. You can barter with food. Especially food you decided you don't like for food you do like. However, you should only store food you like, but sometimes food fatigue happens.  3. If

Want to Save Money? Lose The Emails That Help You Part From Your Money!

In my 13 Ways to Save Money post, the first point I made was unsubscribing to emails and blogs that encourage you to part with your money. Those websites seem so innocent because they offer free items, point out great deals, help you with stacking coupons with deals, and steer you towards other sites that need your money. They seem so great and helpful. And heaven help me, I love them! The temptation to spend money comes in many forms. I used to get emails with 50% off today, buy one get one free, free with purchase, and more. More times than not, I would fall for them. Then I would wonder why I was broke or struggling to make ends meet. So I started to unsubscribe. Good-bye to the Old Navy, JC Penneys, and Kohls. Good-bye to the Retail Me Not daily and weekly update. Good-bye to any money spent to save emails. I unliked several pages on Facebook that were too tempting for my wallet.  I unsubscribed to all, but 3-4 that really saved me money or offered a lot of free items. I

April 2015 Goals Update

March was a whirlwind. Between the illnesses and busyness, we did the best we could. We probably ate out too many times, but life is like that sometimes. A tax refund helped cover that cost!  My Goals For 2015 1. Clean, de-clutter, paint, re-carpet, fix ceiling,  and organize Paige's room. This room is an unorganized disaster that needs some serious help. Plus she is at that age where she is growing out of everything: clothes, toys, books, etc. We are still cleaning out, decluttering, and reorganizing. Amazingly, she is doing some of this on her own. I hope to really get this done in the next few weeks. I want to figure out if we can save the carpet or if we need to replace it.  2. Clean, organize, paint, and re-carpet the office. This is where I work at home (most of the time). It doesn't work for me. It doesn't really work for anyone. I am doing a little bit every night. I actually found some of my desk. The organizing of some things are coming together, l