Want to Save Money? Attend A Garage Sale! (Tips for Having a Good Garage Sale Time!)

Do you love garage sales? I do love garage sales. I think this is a great way to find things we need and not pay a fortune for those needed things. Last weekend was kind of the official start of garage sale season in Iowa and we definitely partook. We found some shirts, shoes, and shorts for my son, some shirts for my daughter, and some books for me! Dane found two movies he couldn't live without for fifty cents each. 

Why should you attend a garage sale?

1. Garage sales save money and are a great place to shop for any frugal minded person!

2. Garage sales are great places to find clothes for those rapidly growing kids. Why buy new clothes for them when they are going to wear them out or grow out of them quickly?

3. Garage sales are a treasure trove for preppers! The things that people get rid of are just a blessing for preppers. I have gotten tools, flashlights, camping equipment, canning supplies, and more from garage sales. 

4. Garage sales are a blessing to the already budget-strapped homesteader. I have gotten gardening supplies, rope, fencing, and more from garage sales. 

Now that you are ready to attend a garage sale, here are some great tips for attending one and having a good time!

Tips for attending a garage sale:

1. Have a plan. Scout out which ones you want to attend a weekend and make a list. Some garage sales will not have anything you are interested in and that is fine. Find the ones that do interest you, make a list, of where they are at and what you are interested in, and be ready to go!

2. Have cash on you. Not many garage sales are willing to take checks so have plenty of cash on you to pay. 

3. Make a list of what you are looking for. I have a mental list and sometimes a written list of what I am looking for at garage sales. Right now it is size 12/14 slim boys pants/jeans, size 5/6/7 boys shoes, lawn chairs, picnic table, outdoor cooking equipment, and canning supplies. However, I always keep an open mind for any future needs or the opportunity to improve on what I already have!

4. Bring a friend! I often bring my kids with me, but I love going to garage sales with friends! They often have ideas for items that I would not have thought of. They also might be willing to help you haul your new items home!

5. Be selective. I hate saying that, but sometimes the deal isn't worth it. I have bought many clothes for my kids at garage sales and I have learned to become selective about them. If the items are already worn out, have holes, or showing signs of breaking, pass on them. Hold the items up, look over them carefully, and decide if the deal is worth it. Some things should be just given away, not sold. 

I hope this helps you in having a great garage sale time! Have fun! 

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