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10 Preparedness Items You Should Be Buying Every Month

As crazy as it seems, some people make prepping harder than it has to be. Learning skills can be hard, but the end rewards are so worth it. The work can be hard, but the pay off is that jobs get done and you have accomplished something for the future. However...preppers still need stuff. We can produce a lot of our own things and survive just fine. We still need the items that will make survival easier now and, heaven forbid, if anything bad happens. We need things to keep our lifestyle simpler and easier if something happens. Over the eight years or so that I have been prepping, I have some things that I buy almost every month. Some months when the budget is tight, I might not purchase any of these. Then I appreciate having these things on hand! Below is my list of things I buy every month. I don't make one big trip and buy all these things in one trip. I add them to my cart at the grocery store, department store, online shopping, and whatnot. I spend a little bit every s

Preppers, Stop Bashing Each Other's Food Stockpiles Because No One Is Right or Wrong

Over the last month at home, we have been talking about how we need to increase our food storage for more people and for a longer period of time. As much as I want to believe I would have enough for three months and longer, reality tells me that might not be the case.  In researching what I need to keep increasing my food stockpile, I have come across some severe prepper bashing in blog posts and in the comments. Mainly preppers bashing other preppers. As much as I agree with some of the viewpoints, there are some really misguided people too. Some don't believe anyone else has stocked up on food as well as they have. Some believe in just a one-prong approach is best whether that be prepackaged food, MREs, canned food, or raising their own food. Why do we need to bash each other and make each other feel incompetent? That just is not necessary! Preppers are doing what they can now to make the future better in times of trouble. We all may be wrong or we all may be right, but f

Tuesday Savings on the Homestead: Time for a Summer Makeover Project!

This week's Tuesday Savings on the Homestead is brought to you by this blogger! The same blogger who hates shopping, especially furniture shopping!  I really have a problem paying new furniture prices. How can they charge so much for a bed frame and whatnot? It should be criminal! I also don't always dig paying used furniture prices because of the wide variety of conditions and prices.  I look for a lot of free items and I look at what I have at home. As I have mentioned before, I am switching up beds at our house. We are going to build Paige a platform bed that will hold a full size mattress. She will get Shali's old mattress.  Shali's room will still be her place to come home to, but I want to put a queen size bed in her room. I want a bigger bed for company. The bed frame in her bed is pretty much beyond repair, but we will take another look after we take it apart.  I had already picked up a bed frame to use for her bed originally (purchased for $30 off Cr

The Joys and Concerns of Living in a Rural Area

This weekend is a prime example of why I usually try to make do with what I have. I did more running this weekend than I ever like to do, just to find three rolls of the kind of fencing I wanted. I was not a happy camper, but I have accepted this part of life. Living in a rural area has its joys. I love the quiet, the openness, the lack of city regulations, the lack of noisy neighbors who can see every thing you do, and the space to do what I want to do.  Living in a rural area also has its concerns. You have to drive to get what you need, often needing to go farther to get it, and you have to plan everything out to make sure you don't make a wasted trip. This last weekend was one of those weekends.  Let me get started at the beginning.  I have to get a fence put up around my garden. I have rabbits running wild on the farm, the chickens are pretty sick of being cooped up, and the dog thinks nothing of running through the garden, destroying whatever happens to be in her

Tuesday Savings on the Homestead: Check Your Tires!

The tires on your vehicles are extremely important and they help you save money! Properly inflated tires give you good gas mileage which means you save more at the gas pumps. Properly inflated tires also last longer and will show less wear and tear. You will also have better handling to help avoid accidents. How to check your tires You need a tire pressure gauge to check your tires. Some gas stations have an air compressor hose with a gauge on them to use. Otherwise, get yourself a tire pressure gauge . Make sure you are on a level surface to get an accurate reading. Unscrew the cap off the valve stem and apply the tire pressure gauge firmly to the top of the valve stem. You need to have good contact in order to have a correct reading. The gauge will either light with a number or the white stick will shoot out to the number of the tire pressure in your tire. Using the recommendations of your car manufacturer, check your tire pressure to see if it meets the requirement.

June 2015 Goals Update (Updated and Edited)

May was a busy, busy month. First of all, this one graduated!  Jordan graduated from high school on the 17th with a big party on the 16th. We were pretty busy with that. And when we weren't busy with that, we were busy with Dane's big school project. His school has the fourth graders do a wax museum every year complete with a board, essay, and presentation as well as a walk through for the public. Dane was George Lucas this year which was perfect because he loves Star Wars ! Paige had concerts, track meets, track being over, and softball starting. She is always busy! She is looking forward to becoming a high school student next fall. I am just sure her momma is! Otherwise, here is the update for the goals! My Goals For 2015 1. Clean, de-clutter, paint, re-carpet, fix ceiling,  and organize Paige's room. This room is an unorganized disaster that needs some serious help. Plus she is at that age where she is growing out of everything: clothes, to