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What This Prepper Buys - A Look At A Trip To The Store With Me

Many people ask me what I buy and I have addresses this in other posts. Besides being a huge fan of Amazon Prime Pantry and Amazon Subscribe and Save, I shop at dollar stores. I love dollar stores!

Where I live, I only have a Dollar General. If I know I will be driving by a Dollar Tree, I will stop there too. I love these places for filling in the holes in my preps as well as adding to them. This weekend, I stopped at both places with some cash I had saved up. 

 The first trip I took was to Dollar General. For $11.00, I was able to purchase:

4 cans of cream of chicken soup - $4.00
2 bags of yellow rice - $2.00
2 boxes of raisins - $2.00
1 box of Naproxen Sodium 50 ct. pills - $3.00

I don't consider Dollar General to be a true dollar store. However, I find better deals there then Kmart which is my other local option. Although, Kmart is starting to mark down their camping supplies this month. I got 4 - 40 ct. waterproof matches for $1.74 and a 3 pack of Sterno cans for $2.73. Not bad. 

The second trip I took was to Dollar Tree. For $26.00, I was able to purchase:

2 boxes of cereal
2 boxes of raisins
2 tubs of petroleum jelly
1 jar of minced garlic
1 all-purpose super glue
2 rolls of duct tape
1 roll of masking tape
1 roll of clear packaging tape
2 bars of soap for laundry detergent
2 lighters
1 eyeglass repair kit
3 cans of chicken noodle soup
1 hand soap refill package
1 bottle of body wash
2 boxes of lasagna noodles
2 boxes of resealable freezer bags

Everything cost $1.00 each.

As I said before, I shop to fill holes and to add to what I have. I ran out of raisins for I bought four more boxes of them. I bought a jar of minced garlic because I like having already minced garlic on hand when I need to cook quickly. Plus I think it will be a good thing to have on hand when you need to add flavor to a meal, but don't want to deal with having to clean a press when water is limited.

You will notice I picked up some processed food. Sometimes it is just a necessary evil. If the stuff hits the fan, I will appreciate having food on hand that I can feed to my kids quickly and easily. I do still prefer to make and can my own food. However, I see the wisdom in keeping a few cans of soup and some boxes of cereal on hand.

I realized I did not have any petroleum jelly so I got some of that to help with chapped lips, moisturizer, and use with first aid items. I always pick up all sorts of tape and lighters. I don't think anyone can have too many of them! I did not have an eyeglass repair kit and I have three daughters with glasses. I think this will good to have on hand too.

I know some of you will tell me you can get stuff cheaper at other places. I respect that because if I can get it cheaper too, I will. We do not have any scratch and dent stores or salvage stores near us. I wish we did. I hear about Sharp Shopper or other stores like that and almost get jealous! We also do not have a Sam's Club or Costco near us. The closest one is 1.5 hours away and I cannot justify the gas for that on a regular basis or getting a membership that I am not sure I would use regularly.

I will make a trip about once a month to Aldi's because I do a lot of my grocery shopping there. I drive by one on my way home from Rob's house and stop then. They have so much stuff at such a good cost! I will often buy a flat of cans or a case of noodles when I can there to take advantage of their prices and to add to my stockpile.

Altogether, I spent $37.00 for quite a few things. What you spend $37.00 on?

Thanks for reading,


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