October 2015 Goals Update

Happy Fall everyone! I love this season too, but I don't like that winter is coming after it. It doesn't sound like we will be having a mild winter. 

As a family, we are in the middle of cross country/marching band season. If Paige isn't at one of those, she is at the other. She loves both and this season in life is temporary. Since I won't let her have a school permit yet, I am driving her everywhere. 

Dane hasn't started basketball yet, so we aren't running completely crazy!

The girls are loving college and trying to stay healthy. A lot of colds and an ear infection have been in their apartment!

My Goals For 2015

1. Clean, de-clutter, paint, re-carpet, fix ceiling,  and organize Paige's room. This room is an unorganized disaster that needs some serious help. Plus she is at that age where she is growing out of everything: clothes, toys, books, etc. 

We have not done a lot up there. She has decided on colors to paint her room. We hauled another box of unwanted stuff out of there, but there is just so much more since her sisters gifted her with more of their unwanted clothes. And Paige loves clothes! This is proving a challenge to get her down to a reasonable wardrobe. 

2. Clean, organize, paint, and re-carpet the office. This is where I work at home (most of the time). It doesn't work for me. It doesn't really work for anyone.

The office is ready to be painted when I get to it. I have almost everything unnecessary out of there. 

3. Purchase a hand gun and learn to use it well.

4. To blog much more consistently and to learn to use social media to my advantage. To me consistently is at least 3-5 times a week. That doesn't happen right now.

This blog has been growing and thank you to all of you for it! Thank you!!!!

I couldn't be happier with the growth and encouragement this blog gives me. I would still like to blog more during the week, but time constants and all that. 

5. To make a homemade gift for each birthday Christmas. I have lots of ideas that I am not using right now so this should be easy to do.

6. Add 1-2 beehives to the homestead. I would love, love, love to produce our own honey.

7. Lose 20 pounds over the year. Unbelievably, I love 20 pounds last year and would love to lose 20 more this year.

Well, the low carb diet plan is working for the most part. Since I made Jordan take the scale to college with her (I hate scales!), I have no idea what I weigh. Maybe next month, I will be able to tell you!

8. Finish six unfinished projects. I will introduce you all to my needlework pile in the future. You might not be laughing after you see it.

Still working on two of the needlework projects and the end is in site with both of them. I did get the wireless, motion-sensing light hung up over the garage walk-in door. I have been wanting that done for awhile. The driveway is lit up now when someone pulls in the driveway which makes me feel better. 

9. Live as frugally as possible by making more my own things and using what I have first before buying more. This really needs to happen this year and working up a realistic budget will be the first step.

Budget is still going, just getting tighter. Dang medical bills. I am trying to make some extra money by selling things so we can get them worked down. 

I am also trying not to buy anything extra or frivolous in October. A kind of no-spend month if I can do it. We shall see. 

10. Write a book or an e-book. Because I have always wanted to.

Definitely have the outline and some of the filler info ready for a book. Just need to commit time to it now!

11. Go to a self-reliance/preparedness expo and/or Mother Earth News Fair. I have never been to one and always say I want to go one and never do. This year is the year for this!

Probably not happening this year now. Unless one happens very soon and within a three hour driving distance. Next year!

12. Get a new-to-me double recliner and love seat for the living room. The ones I have have been blessing my home for at least 16-19 years and they blessed some one else's home before that. The kids have made sure they are worn out and broken down. I have fixed over and over again. Enough. Time for new to me stuff!

Haha! I have gone to a lot of garage sales this last month and nothing. Craigslist has also yielded nothing. I am just holding on to the thought of "Good things happen to those who wait!"

So that is it for this month. What is your goals for October?

Thanks for reading,


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