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10 Money Saving Tips for a Frugal Holidays!

Christmas time can just be a crazy time! So many people you want to give gifts to, so many things your kids want, and only so much money to spend in your wallet! What is a person suppose to do? I am here to help you! I use these tips to help me save money at Christmas and still feel good about the holidays. These tips can help you too! 1. Set a budget! I set a budget for each kid of $75 each and try extremely hard to be under that. I don't have a budget for stockings, but I try to find item cheaply and that will take up some room! 2. Make some of the gifts yourself. Beware: some gifts cost more to make than to just buy. Be a thrifty present maker! Make sure it is a labor of love and not on your wallet. 3. Decide carefully who you are buying gifts for and who you are not. Despite the generosity of the season, not everyone needs a gift. A card stating your appreciation for all they do can be enough. A small plate of cookies is fine too. However, teachers can only get

22 Ways You Can Live A More Sustainable Life

One of the ways we have tried to be more self-sufficient to live a more self-sustainable life. We try to produce our own food, raise chickens, recycle, reuse what we can, and generally live life without being consumer-driven. It is not an easy life to live all the time, but the pay off is great! One of the things I hate is how much trash we throw away. I know we throw away less trash than most households, but all the same, we throw away things we shouldn't. Being sustainable is not just about how much trash we throw away, but how much we waste in general.  Being sustainable also means making more of where you live and being more self-supporting in terms of the environment. While I support efforts to keep our environment from being wiped out, I know where a large portion of the efforts needs to be concentrated. We need to focus on what we use and what we throw away.  Being self-sustaining for me also goes hand in hand with being a homesteader and a prepper. Learning to use

Once A Month Shopping Challenge: Month 2 and November's Meal Plans

Here we are, Month 2 of the Once A Month Shopping Challenge ! I tried to be a little more prepared for this month. I have officially made my three planned stops as of yesterday. The first stop was to K-Mart to get: 2 bags of dog food 2 bags of cat food (grain-free for the cat with a sensitive stomach) 1 bag of cat litter 1 bottle of shampoo (for me) 1 bottle of shampoo/conditioner (for Dane) 2 bottles of conditioner (1 for me, 1 for Paige) 2 bottles of Vitamin C gummies (buy 1, get 1 free) I cannot find the receipt right now, but I know I spent $76 with taxes and we saved $25 with coupons and discounts. Some things like cat litter have gone up a bit and that surprised me.  The second stop was to Menards. I have this receipt! At Menards, I bought: 1 Plastic Window Kit to cover my inside windows 1 Plastic Door Kit to cover my back door until I get a new storm door 1 Garden Hand Shovel to replace the one the dog chewed up 2 different size drill bits because the ones

I Have A Gun! I Don't Need Anything Else!

Have you heard this phrase? "I have a gun! I don't need anything else!" For someone who believes in being a well-rounded prepper, this phrase really grates on me.  Am I anti-gun? Heck no! I believe in having guns for self-defense and hunting. I believe they are a great tool to have when the situation calls for their necessity. For those people who think having a gun is all they need to survive a SHTF situtaion, well...they aren't thinking clearly. People who think that all they need is a gun is under one of these impressions: 1. I can just go hunt whatever food my family needs to eat.        That is just not going to work. Animals to hunt will be depleted very quickly in a SHTF situation if there are even any animals around to hunt. They can be killed in the right SHTF situation too.        These people won't be the only ones hunting for food in the wild. Their family will also need more than just protein to survive and thrive. While hunting is a

The Once A Month Shopping Challenge: Month One Update

My first month's Once A Month Shopping Challenge will be done in just a few days. I will probably go grocery shopping a few days early due to how my budget works and when I get paid. However, I wanted to give you an update so you can see how it is going so far.  The successes: I feel like I have been freed from shopping. Really! We have found so many creative solutions to problems like Paige's Halloween costume. The kids have been on board with this challenge and they like it so far. They even went grocery shopping with me for the month. They thought about things I had forgotten to write down and what I had not fully planned out (cold lunches). For the first three weeks, this challenge went smashingly. We are naturally frugal as a family so this challenge didn't hit us too bad. We had a lot in food storage and full freezers which helped greatly. We made a good dent in the upstairs freezer and hope to get more done there in the next month.  We made bread like u