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I Have A Gun! I Don't Need Anything Else!

Have you heard this phrase?

"I have a gun! I don't need anything else!"

For someone who believes in being a well-rounded prepper, this phrase really grates on me. 

Am I anti-gun? Heck no! I believe in having guns for self-defense and hunting. I believe they are a great tool to have when the situation calls for their necessity.

For those people who think having a gun is all they need to survive a SHTF situtaion, well...they aren't thinking clearly. People who think that all they need is a gun is under one of these impressions:

1. I can just go hunt whatever food my family needs to eat. 

      That is just not going to work. Animals to hunt will be depleted very quickly in a SHTF situation if there are even any animals around to hunt. They can be killed in the right SHTF situation too. 

      These people won't be the only ones hunting for food in the wild. Their family will also need more than just protein to survive and thrive. While hunting is a good idea, it should not be the only means a person has to survive.

2. I will just use my gun to take whatever food I need from other people.

      That will not work either for long or if ever. Most people with food storage also have guns and are very willing to defend their food storage. Even if they don't have guns, they will still defend their food storage any way they can. Never ever underestimate what other people will do to defend themselves and what they have. Besides that, the food will probably run out very quickly for the person stealing the food. Not a good plan.

3. I will use my gun to rob stores and take what they have.

      Good luck with that. Other desperate people are already on that idea. In a SHTF situation, stores will be robbed and looted very quickly. Most stores will only have a three day supply of goods on hand. They will be cleaned out very quickly. What happens to these people when the stores are cleaned out? Where are they going to get food from next?

For those who think that by having a gun, they don't really need anything else if a SHTF situation happens, need to really readjust their arrogant thinking. Many people will or do have the same attitude unfortunately. Just as I pointed out in the scenarios above, guns will not get them far in any circumstance. They might allow them to live for a few days longer, but someone else will have the same idea as them or will be defending against people like them. 

Most preppers have already figured out what to do about people like them and have planned accordingly. A lot of preppers have formed groups and will have a plan to take care of marauders before they even get close to the food storage. Not every plan is perfect, but defending the food supply will be a top priority.

The only worry most preppers have is if the marauders become a horde. A horde is not well organized and can be defended against, but enough people grouped together can be trouble. However, this scenario is not very likely. I am not saying it couldn't happen, just not likely that it would happen. 

The other problem with just using guns to survive? Eventually they will run out of ammo. I know most gun people have lots of ammo and probably reloading equipment. In a SHTF situation, they might get to far from home to get to the ammo, use up their ammo, or run out of reloading supplies. Then what?

Like I said before, guns are a great tool. They have a purpose and should be used accordingly. Guns, however, do not replace the need for:

  • food storage
  • gardening
  • livestock
  • foraging 
  • gleaning

Being a well-rounded prepper is what is going to save someone from starving or forced into a position of stealing and possibly murdering others just to eat. I am not saying that it couldn't happen, but the probability of losing your food storage is less risky than relying on just guns to survive. 

Thanks for reading,


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