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How Well Do You Deal With Stress?

Let me preface this by saying that I have had a week from hell this last week. I have been under a lot of stress in the last year or so, but this last week took the cake. Hopefully, tomorrow's blog post will give you more insight into what happened, how I handled it, and what you should know about medical prepping.  That word medical is a stressor for most people. I am not exempt from it either. I have been under tons of stress over my lifetime. Some of it is self-inflicted. Some of it has come from marriage and divorce. Some of it has been completely related to parenting. Some of them have been relationships and friendships. Work plays a big factor too. Life can be very stressful. You can let that stress overwhelm you if you choose to let it. I was letting it. I used to be a professional at handling stress and keeping it from eating me away. However, my usual tactics for dealing with it over the course of time were failing me big time.  My blood pressure was 150/80 the

National Preparedness Month: What Can You Do To Prepare?

National Preparedness Month takes place every September. Becoming more aware of preparedness is beneficial for everyone. Whether you are new to prepping or a seasoned veteran, preparedness is a very important component to anyone's emergency plans. Why do I think you should prepare? Because it makes good sense! Prepping is a logical thing to do to be ready for any emergency, crisis, or disaster that may come into your path. Prepping doesn't just involve the big catastrophes. It also involves the daily life problems that could sideline anyone - injuries, cancer, death of close loved ones, job loss, divorce, and more. Anything that could make an impact on your life is something you can prepare for. Prepping really helps me deal with daily life better . If I can't buy groceries for a few weeks, I know I have enough food to cover those two weeks. That knowledge alone gives a sense of peace and gets rid of any anxiety or worry I have about that situation. Challenging mysel