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New Gardening E-book Just For You - Tips and Advice to Start Gardening For Today and Tomorrow!

Gardening is one of my passions and a skill I continue to build on. Over the years, I have shared a lot of what I have learned and what I continue to learn. I think gardening is a skill that is beneficial to everyone - not just preppers and homesteaders. We all need a little encouragement and advice to get started and keep going when we are working on a skill. That is what I am hoping to provide to you in this e-book - Tips and Advice to Start Gardening For Today and Tomorrow. In this e-book, you will get a background about how I started gardening, some of my failures as well as successes, and what you can do to be a better gardener. Right now, this e-book is being offered for $3.99. That's it! Wouldn't you want an e-book that not only gives you great tips and advice but also tips to be more productive, ideas to grow edible perennials, and more? This is what this book offers you! I did write this book from a prepper's perspective but do not let that sto

Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Preppers?

Social media can be seen as a boon or bane for most people. For the most part, social media, as well as the internet as a whole, can be seen as beneficial. It allows you to gather a large amount of information that is good for your prepping. It also gives you a sounding board for any questions you may have as well as a large group of people supporting you in your efforts. You can talk to a lot of people about what prepping problems you have or how you should do something. You can get a lot of great ideas for prepping and projects. You can follow a lot of bloggers, vloggers, and writers for more information and ideas. All-in-all, social media is not a bad thing. That is if you use it well and wisely. The problem with social media can be a problem for anything in your life that distracts you from getting your work done or away from your loved ones. Social media can be very addicting. You can spend hours online mindlessly scrolling through social media sites hoping to find somethin

How To Incorporate Meal Planning Into Your Food Storage (Free Meal Planning Printable Included!)

When you first start prepping, one of the first things that most new preppers tackle is their food storage. Whether you start out buying a lot of food at once, add a little bit at a time, and/or preserve everything you can, you stockpile food. While that is a good thing to do, after a while you have a lot of food in storage. You now have a new problem. You may be a little lost as to what you are going to do with all that food. Like with all other areas of prepping, you need to have a plan and the same goes for your food storage. You need to have a plan on how you plan to use your food storage. The first thing you should do is create a flexible meal plan. When you have a meal plan, you have a better idea of what you should be purchasing and stockpiling. Meal planning isn't hard to do. However, you want to keep it flexible so you can be ready to roll with whatever situation you are facing. You want to have options depending on what you have in storage, if you have power, and w

Medical Prepping Is More Than Just Gathering Supplies

Recently, we had an incredibly tough week with a lot of ups and downs. We had not one, but two trips to the emergency room in a week. The first one was pretty understandable and all turned out well. We know why my son is passing out now while he running a race and it is fairly treatable. However, we also had to take a trip to Des Moines to the pediatric cardiologist to make sure his heart was looking good and, according to Dr. Becker, his heart looks beautiful and strong. That was the balm to my worried soul. The second trip to the emergency room was for my daughter and while I understand the precaution that was being taken, I am still angry over that trip. Mostly, I think I am angry because I don't take my kids to the emergency room when they are sick. I knew she wasn't sick enough to go. However, the college she is attending forced the issue and made her get a meningitis test. I did not realize until that day that you could not go anyway but the emergency room to get thi