Ten Ideas For Christmas Shopping With A Self-Reliant Prepper Perspective

Christmas is coming around the corner. To say that I find Christmas shopping painful would be an understatement. However, I have a few tips and tricks to buy presents that fit into my values and beliefs without sacrificing my pocketbook. I have a budget for everyone on my list and they are well aware of it.

I almost never buy toys that are electric, take batteries, or need electricity to operate them. My kids figured this out years ago and started asking their grandparents for those items. I am just not a fan of those toys and find them quite disposable. I honestly wanted to buy presents that would keep them busy whether or not we had power or the internet.

I have a tendency to do the same thing for adults. I would rather give an edible or useful gift instead of something that relies on electricity or a computer to operate. Otherwise, I like to give something that would give them something to do like go to a movie or a restaurant versus something they might just discard in a few months.

The list below is a guideline for anyone who might struggle to figure what to get someone for Christmas or a birthday. While I do like to get wishlists and specific requests from those I give gifts too, sometimes that is not possible. This list below should help you out!

Ten Ideas For Christmas Shopping with A Prepper Mindset

1. Non-Electric Toys for Kids. I honestly like to give Legos or Duplos to kids because they stay busy for a while. Drawing supplies are also a good idea. I also like Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, dolls, and dress-up clothes for gifts. Something that will spark their imagination and give them something to do that doesn't involve a screen or electricity.

2. Books and Magazine Subscriptions. If I can, I give books as gifts. Whether it is fiction, history, how-to, recipes, and more, you can usually find some kind of book to give that would be a perfect gift. I also feel this way about magazine subscriptions. You can give cooking, do-it-yourself, special interest and more magazines that would fit into someone's interests. Plus, magazines are a year-round gift.

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3. Games and Puzzles. Games and puzzles are good for all ages. While I enjoy classic board games and difficult puzzles, you can find both things for all ages and difficulties.

4. Candles, Oil Lamps, and Flashlights. All three of these things are very practical, but usually a well-received gift. You can get pretty fancy yet still functional candles and oil lamps to give. Many people might see them as decor, but when the time comes they can be used for so much more.

5. Gifts Cards or Certificates. This is a good gift to give when you have no idea what to give someone. You can give them an experience with a restaurant or museum gift card. You can find a gift card to their favorite store. The bonus of giving gift cards is that you are not wasting your resources finding a gift that might just be thrown away or wasted.

6. Edible Gifts. Baked goods, gift baskets, a bottle of wine, and more all make a good gift. Most people appreciate a good food gift especially if you give a favorite of theirs or a specialty of your own making.

7. Clothing. If someone I know is requesting clothing for a holiday, I will generally get them some clothing. This is a gift you know most people will use especially if they request it. Otherwise, a good hat, gloves, and a scarf is always a nice gift to give especially in the Midwest!

8. Quilts, Blankets, Towels, and Bedsheets. This may sound a little different, but people will use towels and bed sheets until they should be used as rags. A nice gift of new towels and bedsheets may be well received and appreciated. I know they are something that is usually well-received. And who doesn't love a good quilt or blanket to stay warm?

9. Make Your Own Kits. If you know someone has a hobby or a hobby they would like to start, buying some supplies and instructions would be a great kit. For example, if you know someone who likes to knit, you could buy the yarn, needles, and instructions to make a blanket or a sweater.

10. Experience Gifts. Sometimes you don't really want to buy a gift for someone because you don't know what they want or need. However, you have mutual interests or are both interested in learning something new. This is where experience gifts are a good choice. You can choose to spend time with the recipient or choose to give them tickets to a class or an event.

You should be able to find something for everyone on your list with this list. You can still abide by your self-reliant prepper values while giving a meaningful and useful gift!

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