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Laziness Will Kill You (Literally and Figuratively)

(Writer's note: I'm talking to me as well as all of you. I realized about  four  months ago I had a serious problem with laziness. I wouldn't call myself lazy, but it was easier to be lazy than to admit that I had a problem with my phone. I have been making small changes since then to get better. However, this advice is not coming from a perfect hustler either.) In this day and age, laziness has become the norm. We love reading about people who hustle and work hard to succeed, but we also hail the keyboard warriors too. The ones who do nothing but sit on a computer all day and claim themselves to be an expert on whatever they so choose. With the progress of social media, the internet, and the increasing control technology has on our lives, laziness has become a real problem. We are distracted by everything. Attention spans have become shorter and shorter. Our heads are looking down and we do not interact with the world on a physical level anymore. In addition to te