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Prepping Elitism: The Attitude That May Get You Killed

If you have been around the prepping world for some time (and it doesn't have to be a long time), you will run into various opinions and ideas on how to do a myriad of things. Many people know how to do technical skills and their ideas are usually valid. Many people have great ideas for organizing, stockpiling, and more. Usually, their ideas are tailored for them but will work for other people too. However, the problems start when preppers start guessing on what will happen after a TEOTWAWKI or an SHTF. We all have ideas, but very few of us have actually lived through that particular scenario. Unless you are Selco Begovic , Fernando FERFAL Aguirre , Jose Martinez , or others who have bonafide experience with real-life SHTF, you are probably just guessing at what will happen after one. This is where Prepping Elitism comes into play. Many people think their opinions and fantasies about what will happen after an SHTF is superior to what others think. They will attack others in

What This Prepper Buys: The Dollar Tree Pandemic Edition!

If you have been here for a while, you know I occasionally post a What The Prepper Buys post. These posts give you a glimpse into what I put into my stockpiles as well as how I save money doing it. I actually had the chance to go shopping recently to get what I needed for the house and thought I would put this together. Why should you prepare for pandemics? I like to compare it to being prepared for anyone who could be sick. You always want to be prepared for likely illnesses that could happen in your home. Pandemics are just a step above that. With pandemics, you are preparing not just for an illness, but for possible quarantine and being hyper-aware of any germ that can enter your home. My purchases for this trip came from Dollar Tree. We all know that Dollar Tree stores are different from store to store. Similar to Dollar General, they carry a lot of the same things, but they also get what they get from the corporate warehouses. Some of the things I was looking for were not