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Self-Sufficiency 101: Get To Know Your Local Economy

With the renewed interest in self-sufficiency and learning new skills, we are constantly looking for new ways to live a simpler life. You want to become more independent and learn to produce your goods and food. Those are noble things to do and learn!  In the course of learning new things and picking up new skills, you may need to purchase items that you cannot make yourself. You may not have the knowledge yet to make the thing you need or you need that item to finish your project.  You may live in an area where you can grow a lot of food and have wonderful gardens, but you are restricted from having chickens, rabbits, or other livestock to produce your meat. You want to supplement what you are growing and producing, but feel resigned to going to the grocery store to get the rest of your groceries.  While one of the biggest tenets in self-sufficiency to produce and grow your own food, you also need to realize that you may not be able to produce it all. Some people are willing

100 Things You Should Have in Your Home and Your Preps

You want to be more prepared. Tougher times are coming. I get it. I really do because I was there too. I had four kids under 13 at home who were depending on me to keep them fed, clothed, and with a roof over their heads. I was struggling on one full-time income with sporadic child support and any other way to make money that I legally could make. I was on SNAP for awhile just to keep my kids fed, but money was still really tight. Life is better now, but tough times still happen and money still needs to be saved. Tougher times are coming still. With people not working now, events being canceled, school being canceled, and more, you may need to tighten up the purse strings for the coming months. I believe there are certain things you should have on hand at all times. These things help you to be more prepared, save money, fix things, and generally make life a little easier. These are things you should have at home. I'm not talking bush or wilderness survival. I'm talking a

Why Being Prepared Is More Important Than Ever

I'm really frustrated with the state of our country right now. A lot is going on and we are being held hostage by a pandemic. This pandemic is serious, but there were a lot of important people who downplayed the seriousness of this virus. That was a mistake, but a lot of people were comforted and stopped from being properly prepared. We kept hearing that this virus wasn't that bad and it was similar to having influenza. Well, I don't know about you, but I don't want to catch influenza. I have helped three loved ones through influenza and they were pretty miserable. I don't want to catch COVID-19 either. Again, it sounds pretty miserable. I have read survivor reports that it feels like influenza and pneumonia combined on steroids. To me, staying home when I can, keeping my work environment clean and safe, only going to the stores when I have to, and being aware of my surroundings sounds like the best thing to do right now. I certainly don't want to catch i