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5 Ways To Prepare and Adapt To An Ever-Changing Political and Social Climate

The key to surviving and thriving in most situations is being adaptable. Adapting as well as somewhat conforming will help keep you alive. Adapting makes sense because you are trying to survive.  Some preppers do not want to be adaptable because they see it as an infringement on their rights and freedoms. Some preppers want to make sure the prepping message gets out there which is important but can attract unwanted attention. Some people don't care if everyone knows they are a prepper and believe they can handle whatever the world throws at them. While all of this is admirable, but at some point, you need to adapt to the ever-changing political and social climate. That may mean you need to change how you are preparing, how you are presenting yourself to the world (in-person and online), and how you are living as a prepper. We don't always want to change because part of prepping is to be prepared for where you are living . However, you may need to change to a safer location.  5