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What Is Your Prepping Story? What Will Your Prepping Story Be?

 In prepping, a lot of people didn't grow up with parents who were prepared. They may have done things we consider prepping because they wanted to save money. Our parents were raised by their parents who more than likely survived the Great Depression and WWII. Those parents were shaped by their experiences. They knew every trick in the book to save money and to fix what they could themselves. They often tried to pass that information on to their kids, but ultimately they wanted their kids to have a life where they didn't have to worry about money.  In my non-writing job, I still deal with these people. Some of them are more frugal than I could ever dream to be. I also call them the original preppers because they never throw anything out that they could use/reuse and they know how to do almost anything skill related. That was just how they had to live.  They lived in some really tough times and without all the technology we have available now. Their stories on how they lived and

"That Wasn't So Bad" and Other Lies You Tell Yourself

We are in an unprecedented time for our generations and this era. We are experiencing things we just thought would be part of our suspicions. Things such as:   Pandemics Economic Downturns (especially for those who went through 2007/2008) Small Businesses Failing Limited Food Supply Presidential Election Year (An ugly one which is saying a lot after 2016) Changing Politics Social Unrest The list could go depending upon your personal experiences.  With these things going on, we should be preparing even more and even harder. We should be next-level prepping with stockpiling more food and supplies. We should be planning on being prepared for 1-2 years if not 5 years. We should be planning to hunker down or move quickly depending on your situation. However, you can already start to see a change in the media. While they are still sticking hard to the coronavirus dialogue, you can see that they are already trying for the feel-good approach again. However, it is not the feel-good approach tha

Let Go Of The Things That No Longer Serve You (And Have More Room For Your Preps)!

I have been doing a lot of purging again. Some of the purgings I have been doing have been digital and some of it has been physical. Most of it has been helping my sanity in some way, shape, or form.  I have a tendency to keep a lot of emails and then never really go back to them to do, make, or practice what that email was preaching on that given day. At one point, after cleaning up all my unread emails, I had 1300 read emails in my Yahoo email inbox. Nevermind what is in the 26 folders that I have to "organize" those emails into subjects. I have over 500 unread and read emails in my Gmail account that I use for business.  To say that was insane is an understatement. I have been going through those emails a little bit every day, organizing the kept emails, and writing down/printing the information I want to save for the future. I am down over 300 emails in my Yahoo email. My Gmail still needs work.  (If you have emailed in the past four months, I am not ignoring you. I simpl