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How To Prepare For A Second Lockdown At Home

In the last week, the media has been reporting the certainty of another lockdown occurring in the next 3-4 months. While we may want to call foul and stomp our feet, this is certainly not the time to be unprepared for the possibility. While news reports have been calling for at least 4-6 weeks of lockdown with a possibility of it lasting longer, we can start (if you haven't already) preparing for this possibility. We don't know how locked down we will be due to that information having not been released yet. However, we can look at other countries around the globe to know what could happen. While most states have undergone some sort of lockdown already, the rules were vastly different from one state to another. With the possibility of national lockdown, we can expect that the rules will be stricter with much different reasoning than a state would have for their rules.  (Yes, I realize some of you haven't come out of the first lockdown yet. Some of you have not experienced a

12 Ways To Beat Supply Disruptions

When a country or an area is going through major upheaval, supply disruptions become inevitable. Whether those supplies are coming from overseas or are produced in your area, you may still have trouble getting food and goods. Trucking companies will rarely haul items to areas they don't feel are safe. Barges may not be able to load or unload. Ships may not be able to leave port. Roads may be blocked and bridges may be destroyed preventing the shipment of goods.  Anything can happen. You should be ready for it or at least not be deluding yourself that it could happen. With the crazy times this country has had this year, you should be expecting it. You can figure out ways to beat it, however. If you are ready for supply disruptions, you can ride it out without any problems. 12 Ways To Beat Supply Disruptions 1. Anticipate them before they happen. If you know major world events are happening on your country's soil, then you know there will likely be supply disruptions. You can al