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Prepper Update: Where I Am Now and What I Am Thinking (January 2022)

Being a prepper in this day and age is very different from when I first started. The circumstances, the reasons, and the needs have changed in big and small ways. Things that I only thought were small chances of happening are now happening. Things that I thought would happen have not and will not. First of all, my family size has definitely changed. My son is the only kid at home at the present time. He graduates high school in a year and a half and then he will be off to college or whatever he decides to do. I still have a daughter in college and she will be married in a year and a half. My two oldest are out of the house and on their own with significant others and, in one case, with children. They are all natural-born preppers in their own ways and definitely have skills that people their age just don't seem to have.  During the pandemic, we had people moving back here to the farm to stay and work until their circumstances changed. We went from a house of two to seven at times.

Why You Need to Grow Food One Year and Preserve Food for Two Years

Gardening can be fickle sometimes. One year you grow enough for seven families and the following year, you barely have enough for your own family. Many factors can play into this like weather, watering, and neglect. Some years you will have the perfect growing conditions as well as plenty of time to weed, water, and tend to your plants. The following year could be a year of drought or you have more planted than time to work on the garden.  When we start planning our gardens, we do so with big dreams while trying to remember the lessons we learned from the year before. We plan for fresh eating as well as canning and preserving our bounty. We put many plants in the ground, hoping to lose only a couple. Then growing time hits and we sow many seeds in hopes that they will come up.  As the garden starts producing, you start eating and preserving the bounty. We are excited to start canning, freezing, dehydrating, and fermenting our bounty. Since winter, we have been planning for this moment,