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The Prepper's Yearbook is available for sale!

(Updated 11/5/2021 with new links) The Prepper's Yearbook is available for sale! This is a dream for me as it is the first book I have ever written! I wanted to make prepping as simple as possible for you! As the title suggests, this book will give you five tasks every month to help you be more prepared. You will be able to download this book and print it off to make it easier for you to keep track of your prepping. My goal in prepping is to be as prepared as possible while staying on budget. I understand money can be tight and I don't want preparedness to be a burden to anyone. This book can help you with that too. You will also find that this book leans toward the homesteading and self-reliant side of preparedness. While that is how I like to be prepared, this book also addresses preparing for emergencies and natural disasters.  Some of you might remember that I wrote a blog series about five prepping things to accomplish in a month. This is based on that, but I hav
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Prepper Update: Where I Am Now and What I Am Thinking (January 2022)

Being a prepper in this day and age is very different from when I first started. The circumstances, the reasons, and the needs have changed in big and small ways. Things that I only thought were small chances of happening are now happening. Things that I thought would happen have not and will not. First of all, my family size has definitely changed. My son is the only kid at home at the present time. He graduates high school in a year and a half and then he will be off to college or whatever he decides to do. I still have a daughter in college and she will be married in a year and a half. My two oldest are out of the house and on their own with significant others and, in one case, with children. They are all natural-born preppers in their own ways and definitely have skills that people their age just don't seem to have.  During the pandemic, we had people moving back here to the farm to stay and work until their circumstances changed. We went from a house of two to seven at times.

Why You Need to Grow Food One Year and Preserve Food for Two Years

Gardening can be fickle sometimes. One year you grow enough for seven families and the following year, you barely have enough for your own family. Many factors can play into this like weather, watering, and neglect. Some years you will have the perfect growing conditions as well as plenty of time to weed, water, and tend to your plants. The following year could be a year of drought or you have more planted than time to work on the garden.  When we start planning our gardens, we do so with big dreams while trying to remember the lessons we learned from the year before. We plan for fresh eating as well as canning and preserving our bounty. We put many plants in the ground, hoping to lose only a couple. Then growing time hits and we sow many seeds in hopes that they will come up.  As the garden starts producing, you start eating and preserving the bounty. We are excited to start canning, freezing, dehydrating, and fermenting our bounty. Since winter, we have been planning for this moment,

The Pantry Challenge Reimagined: Taking Some Time To Clean Up and Eat Up Your Food Storage

January is an excellent month to do many things. Many people view the start of the year as a way to start over. I view January as a way to take stock of my life and see where I need to improve. I also find that January is an excellent month to tackle your food storage.  Generally, people are home more during the winter, which means we eat more meals at home. It's easier to meal plan and easier to take time to make meals. Also, you are not in the middle of a growing season or canning for dear life. This is a good time to take stock of your pantries and freezers and eat up anything that will be going out of date.  Some people would call this a pantry challenge. The general rules of a pantry challenge are that you try to go an allotted amount of time (i.e., a month) without buying any groceries or just buying milk and fresh produce. However, in these times, I don't feel comfortable asking anyone to stop stockpiling food and goods for the sake of a pantry challenge. So I'm chan

35 Things You Need To Be Prepared For Winter

Winter is upon us again in the Midwest. We just had our first snowstorm that lasted about 18 hours. However, many things can happen in 18 hours to make winter more dangerous and deadly if you are not prepared.  One of the most common things that people prepare for in the winter at home is power outages due to blizzards, snowstorms, and ice storms. Power outages can last for an hour or stay for several days. With a power outage, most people lose heat, electricity, water, and sewer if it goes on long enough. With Texas's issues last winter, we were introduced to intermittent power outages in the Midwest last for 4-8 hours at a time. A house can hold heat for a while, but humans usually don't hold heat and need to find a way to stay warm. Another thing that can happen is just a furnace breaking down and having no heat. Having auxiliary heat sources come in handy to keep a room or a level of the house warm until the furnace can be fixed. Most people can get away with a couple elec

Three Prong Approach to Food Storage: How to Make Sure You Are Covered For All Situations

  When you first start preparing, food storage is usually your starting point. Depending on what you are preparing for, you gear your food storage towards that direction. What if I told you that you could have your food storage covered in just about any situation? I believe in the three-prong approach to food storage: Quick, easy foods that do not need to be cooked or minimally cooked Long term food storage like freeze-dried foods, rice, and beans Cook from scratch foods that will get you through a month of no money In my experience, you should have all three kinds of food storage. You might just be preparing for natural disasters and think #1 is all you need. However, you never know what life will throw at you. I truly believe in having well-rounded food storage that will serve you in many different situations.  As with any suggested foods in these lists, they are only suggestions. You will need to tailor your food storage to fit your needs. If you have little kids, keep the food they