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Want An Easy Way To Make Candles? Try Wax Crystals!

Making candles is a skill I have been working on in the last year. I have done the melt and pour method, the beeswax sheet method, and the wax crystal method so far. The wax crystal method, by far, is the easiest method. 
This method is great for a beginner! You can do this school age children. You can do this with friends and have a great, easy addition to your emergency preps. Shali made these as graduation gifts for her friends when she graduated from high school. 

What do you need? Wax Crystals - We got ours from Hobby Lobby two years ago. I have also found them online. Wicks - I used these wicks. Wick Tabs - I used these tabs. (Or use this combination!) Glass jars - I used old jars that are not okay for canning anymore.

To start, I cut the wicks to length of my jar plus one inch. You can always trim down, but you can't add more. Attach the wick to the wick tab by either trying a knot or using a bit of melted wax to hold the wick on. 
I choose to do layers of different colors because …