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Single Parenting

You all knew this subject was going to come up some time, right? You knew I might get on my soapbox and let the world know my opinion about single parenting, right? Actually this might be painless for most of those reading today. 

I am a single parent, not by choice, and due to circumstances I might address another time. While I do miss having the other parent there to help with the joys and burdens of parenting, I don't miss the conflict about how to raise the kids. That is fine with me because I have evolved and changed my mind several times about how I want to raise the kids. At this time, I have found the methods and disciplines that work for our household. We run fairly smoothly most days and I give a lot of credit to my kids for this. 

What I am struggling with, right now, is people's attitudes towards single mothers. We are protrayed as either welfare moms that pop out kids willy-nilly with no regards to the burden on society or we are lazy do-nothings that work and let o…