10 Preparedness Items You Should Be Buying Every Month

As crazy as it seems, some people make prepping harder than it has to be. Learning skills can be hard, but the end rewards are so worth it. The work can be hard, but the pay off is that jobs get done and you have accomplished something for the future.

However...preppers still need stuff. We can produce a lot of our own things and survive just fine. We still need the items that will make survival easier now and, heaven forbid, if anything bad happens. We need things to keep our lifestyle simpler and easier if something happens.

Over the eight years or so that I have been prepping, I have some things that I buy almost every month. Some months when the budget is tight, I might not purchase any of these. Then I appreciate having these things on hand!

Below is my list of things I buy every month. I don't make one big trip and buy all these things in one trip. I add them to my cart at the grocery store, department store, online shopping, and whatnot. I spend a little bit every shopping trip or online order to spread out the cost over the month. 

10 Preparedness Items You Should Be Buying Every Month

1. Canning lids, rings, and jars. I buy canning lids every month. Without fail. At least 3-4 packs of them. I pick up canning rings and jars when I have more room in the budget. I don't really think you can have too many of these things. 

2. Soap in any form: bar soap, body wash, dish soap, laundry detergent, castile soap, all purpose soap, disinfectant soap, etc. I usually buy at least 2-3 things of soap every month. Castile soap is probably my favorite soap, but I keep a good variety at home. I really don't think one can have too much soap when you have kids, have a garden, and have livestock. Staying clean is a good thing.

3. Toliet paper. Enough said. I really don't want to be without it. 

4. Paper, pens, and pencils. Especially paper. I write a lot down just to remember it. My kids use a fair amount of paper, pens, and pencils for school even though they have computers. We use paper and pencils to draw and to entertain. Paper is important. 

5. Ammo - whether ammo for guns, arrows for bows, refill cartridges for anything else. Really, this can not understated. I also think if you buy a little every month, you might not draw as much attention to yourself. 

6. Food that will store well: salt, rice, beans, honey, spices, etc. Again, enough said. Food is more than important. It is necessary. Learning how to cook long storing food is a necessary skill. We need food and water.

7. First aid items and medicine. I buy ibuprofen and/or naproxen every month as well as 2-3 first aid items every month without fail. I don't want to be without it even though I have plenty of natural remedies on hand too. Something you just need the little pill to take the aches away. 

8. Seeds. I realize you might not be able to find these every month. As soon as they come into the stores, I start buying. I look for seeds that will actually produce food like squash, beans, peas, carrots, etc. I do not buy flower seeds unless they are edible. During the winter, I buy packages of heirloom seeds already packaged in mylar and oxygen absorbers. I have a garden already, but if you don't, please get one started. Gardening is a skill you can't be without.

9. Water. As important as life itself. You need water and liquids to stay hydrated. You and I will not live long without fliuds. Enough said. 

10. Reading materials and reference materials. I think this is underestimated by a lot of people, but a good reference library is necessary. As much as I have learned about everything, I still look up things. IN BOOKS. Whoa. I also keep books for enjoyment and to relieve stress. Maybe someday, the internet might be not as reliable or may be heavily censured. You might just want to have a paper copy of things you want to remember. 

This is my list of things I find necessary to stock up on every month. I find other things necessary to have too, but this list is my buy every month list. Your list might look different and that is okay! 

What do you stock up on every month? 

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  1. Thank you for making this list. I always need a reminder and this will definitely help.

  2. may i suggest that your seeds be non-hybrid/non-gmo, and purchased from a regional seller who grows out their own seeds in your area. hybrid seeds produce more food than heirlooms under industrial conditions but we don't have industrial conditions. big box stores may purchase from far away, where the seeds are not adapted to our local conditions. and buying local helps to assure that local guys stay in business and are able to sell to us when we need their products.

  3. I agree toilet paper is a good stockpile, but think about flushable wipes. Less space, multiple usages. Something to think about.

  4. I use coupons and look for buy one, get one free sales. Also, can't have too many water filters.

  5. I have all of the items. One very important item you have left off the list is fire. You will need matches, flint, a magnifying glass, some way to make a fire to be able to cook your food which, of course, requires the ability to cook on a fire. If you have a propane camp stove, great! But you will need propane and that is a commodity that will eventually be gone. Skills and practice are needed; books are info but you must put that knowledge to use. And remember fire is used for more than just cooking, warmth is very important for survival.

    1. Good suggestions. I'm going with a homemade bio-stove made from an IKEA product, like a hobo stove. Looked on YouTube for hobo stoves. Mine works well, burning small deadfall sticks, twigs, etc.

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  7. Salt & Epsom salt, matches, pads/tampons.

  8. First aid supplies, hydrogen peroxide, 90% alcohol, OTC meds , antibiotics.

  9. Good list. I was wondering if you could give us your list of reading/reference material that you recommend.

  10. Flushable wipes are not really "flushable." When the RotoRooter man pulled a large wad of my wife's "flushable" wipes from our plugged sewer drain, he said "flushable" wipes were 20 to 40% of his business. Yes, wipes can be useful, even desirable, but think twice about the "flush" because when SHTF, you may not have the luxuray of that "flush." Get a covered, leak proof bucket as a backup.

  11. Good quality paper towels,laundry will/May be difficult.


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