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Don't Throw Away Those Old Bed Sheets: 22 Ways to Reuse Old Bed Sheets!

Do you have this problem - a pile of old bed sheets that for whatever reason are not suitable for your bed anymore? Or your kids are not into Barbie anymore? Or the dog decided to play tug of war with them while drying on the clothes line? (Real story!)

What to do with them? I hate to throw them out. I tried to give away the kids' sheets to friends or family when my kids outgrew them. However, I still have a pile of old sheets that I keep around just in case.

I am huge believer in reusing and recycling whatever I can. I know people who throw away their old sheets which seems like a huge waste to me. Those sheets have at least twenty-two ways they can be reused!

1. Make cloth napkins. Cut the sheet in fourteen inch squares and hem the edges.

2. Cut them in quilt squares. Just make sure to label them if they are 100% cotton or cotton blend. According to my mother, you want use similar materials when making quilts.

3. Use them as paint drop cloths, either under you or the project as you paint.

4. Cut into cleaning cloths if the material seems to be absorbent. Again, I would hem or run a stitch around the edge of the squares.

5. If the material is good enough, you can make shirts, skirts, boxers, or little sundresses out of the sheets.

6. Make pillows.

7. Make curtains.

8. Make bandages for the first aid kit. Just tear in 3 and 4 inch wide swathes to use on wounds or to use with a tourniquet. 

9. Make ghost costumes for Hallowe'en.

10. Make play curtains and tablecloths for play houses for kids.

11. Cover seats in vehicles to protect the seats.

12. Cover and protect furniture from grimy kids, pets, etc.

13. Protect plants from frost.

14. Use as shade in the summer from the sun.

15. Use when you go camping for bedding. No need to take the good stuff when it will just get really dirty!

16. Tear into strips and make a mummy costume for Hallowe'en.

17. Make them in togas for a costume party. Toga!

18. To wrap around objects when moving.

19. Use as a backdrop for pictures to look more professional.

20. Lay down on the ground to sit on or have a picnic on.

21. Use as a tablecloth when eating outside.

22. Make an inside fort by draping the sheet over a table.

How would you reuse those old sheets?

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  1. I have made a dog’s bed from an old duvet cover and it looks great.


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