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100 Shelf-Stable Foods To Store In Your Pantry/Stockpile

Besides water, food is the next critical thing to store for any prepper. Food is one of the seven core areas of preparedness. You can live three days without water and three weeks without food, but who wants to do that if you can be prepared ahead of time. Having a good supply of shelf-stable foods is essential for your well-being as well as for survival. 

Most of the food you store will be shelf-stable (meaning you don't need a refrigerator or freezer to keep the food good). Ideally, you want to start with 2-4 weeks worth of food for short-term preparedness. For most events that can happen right now, 2-4 weeks is ideal because you will still have access to the grocery store at some point. 

For long-term preparedness, you want to start with at least three months of food stored which means you will be leaning heavily on your food storage unless you are able to grow food in the meantime. You want to have a good variety of foods that are filling. If you are planning to eat the same thing day after day, you will experience food fatigue at some point and may not want to eat at all. That is not a good situation so you want to keep the meals varied.

This is a list I put together of foods you would most likely want in your food storage. You might want different foods and that is fine. You might think curry powder and canned coconut milk are essential because you like a good curry. You might be more of a health-conscious eater and want steel-cut oats, chia seeds, etc. for more nutritious meals. As long as the food is shelf-stable and you eat the food, that is all that matters. 

When it comes to food storage, you should store what you eat. No exceptions. Not all of the food you store has to come from the grocery store. You can preserve your own produce. You can make your own foods from scratch to store for eating later. You can buy your food in bulk (store carefully!). You can fill your pantry however you would like, but the focus should be on shelf-stable foods for your pantry-stockpile.

100 Shelf-Stable Foods To Store in Your Pantry/Stockpile

1. Dry powdered milk
2. White Sugar
3. Brown Sugar
4. All-purpose Flour
5. Yeast
6. Salt (All Kinds - Table, Sea, Canning, and Kosher)
7. Black Pepper
8. Chicken Broth
9. Beef Broth
10. Vegetable Broth
11. Canned Vegetables (all kinds)
12. Canned Fruits (all kinds)
13. Instant Potatoes
14. Rice (White, Brown, Wild, etc.)
15. Dry Beans (all kinds)
16. Canned Beans (all kinds)
17. Cream Based Soups
18. Broth Based Soups
19. Tomato Soup
20. Canned Tomatoes
21. Canned Chicken/Turkey
22. Canned Tuna and/or Salmon
23. Canned Ham
24. Dry Powdered Eggs
25. Canned Pumpkin
26. Pasta (all kinds including egg noodles)
27. Cornmeal
28. Rolled Oats
29. Quick Oats or Oatmeal
30. Powdered Drink Mix
31. Coffee
32. Tea
33. Dried Fruits
34. Applesauce
35. Wheat for flour
36. Spices
37. Herbs
38. Peanut Butter
39. Jam and/or Jelly
40. Pasta sauce
41. Pizza sauce
42. Protein Bars
43. Granola Bars
44. Chocolate Chips
45. Baking Soda
46. Baking Powder
47. Shortening
48. Lard
49. Coconut Oil
50. Baking/Cooking Oils
51. Soy Sauce
52. Worchestershire Sauce
53. Honey
54. Maple Syrup
55. Nuts
56. Flaxseeds
57. Bouillon
58. Pancake and Waffle Mix
59. Canned Potatoes
60. Bottled and/or Gallon Size Jugs of Water
61. Buttermilk Powder
62. Baking Cocoa
63. Unflavored and Flavored Gelatin
64. Pectin
65. Canned Mushrooms
66. Cornstarch or Arrowroot Powder
67. Ketchup
68. Mustard
69. Barbeque Sauce
70. Ranch Dressing (or other salad dressings)
71. Pie Filling
72. Pickles and/or Pickle Relish
73. White Vinegar
74. Apple Cider Vinegar
75. Salsa
76. Ramen Noodles
77. Macaroni and Cheese
78. Canned Corned Beef and/or Spam
79. Crackers
80. Mayonnaise
81. Beef Jerky
82. Lentils
83. Dried Split Peas
84. Dried Soup Mixes
85. Boxed Stuffing Mixes
86. Powdered Creamer
87. Instant Pudding Mixes
88. Tapioca
89. Semolina Flour (to make your own pasta)
90. Vanilla Extract
91. Lemon Juice
92. Cooking Spray
93. Popcorn
94. Molasses
95. Butter or Ghee (shelf-stable) 
96. Rice Cakes
97. Melba Toast or Wasa Bread
98. Velveeta cheese (shelf-stable)
99. Canned Evaporated Milk
100. Canned Sweetened Condensed Milk

As you can see from the list, there is a good mix of pantry staples, ingredients, and ready-to-eat foods. I think it is important to keep a balance in your food storage because you will have days you don't feel like cooking. Life happens and sometimes you get too busy to put a from-scratch meal on the table. 

I would also encourage you to put together a meal plan for your food storage so you know what you will be cooking and baking. You will know what ingredients you need and you can always keep those ingredients on your list to purchase. 

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Also, not many people I know have built up their food storage overnight and I don't encourage you to do. That can be a budget wrecker. You can build your food storage frugally and somewhat quickly, but you should be mindful of your money too. 

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If you would like a printable list of these items, please click here. I have created a printable for you to have as a list. This is nothing fancy, but it does include more lines for you to add more foods for you to purchase and store. 

100 Shelf-Stable Foods To Store in Your Pantry/Stockpile (printable)

What extra things do you like to store in your pantry? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

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